1. The Garden Summer, Lovin’ It!

    The Garden Summer — by Hailey Wist

    Last year, Hailey Wist raised funds on Kickstarter to make a documentary about a summer spent learning, working, and gardening on her family’s rural Arkansas farm. She invited four of her best (ed note: “most willing”) city-dwelling pals to come with her, and they apparently spent the entirety of that summer looking and being totally amazing. I know this because they just posted a teaser of the finished film, and watching it brings an ache to my damp, cold, urban soul.

    So, Hailey, our question is: What is in the water in Arkansas? And, whatever that is, can we get it shipped to our office pronto? We could use some sun-kissed, summery frolicking with dogs in green fields while committing ourselves whole-heartedly to the earth in a show of our robust, organically inclined, free-spirited natures. Seriously.