1. The Buddhas of Mes Aynak.

    Documentarian Brent Huffman is racing against the clock.

    Last year, Huffman began work on the story of Mes Aynak, an ancient Buddhist city located in the desert of eastern Afghanistan. An archaeological wonder, the 2,600-year-old site is home to an enormous monastery complex, many temples, and hundreds of statues, representing a major cultural legacy for the war-torn country. But by the end of the year, the entire city may be destroyed.

    The site currently belongs to a Chinese mining conglomerate, which expects to extract up to $100 billion of copper from beneath the city, leveling it in the process. A major financial windfall for the beleagured Afghan government, the proposal is nevertheless hotly contested by displaced locals, concerned environmentalists, and a small team of archaeologists working overtime to preserve Mes Aynak.

    Huffman just launched a Kickstarter project to fund his documentary, which will bring the story of the site to a wider audience. He hopes to mobilize international pressure to save the ancient city, while broadening the discussion around foreign investment in Afghanistan as a decade of war winds down and money begins to flow.

  2. KSR IRL: Thanks to over $150,000 from over 500 backers, this Friday, 10/28, Jennifer Fox’s feature documentary My Reincarnation opens in NYC, LA, and more!

    On Fri. 10/28 and Sat. 10/29 at Cinema Village in Manhattan, Fox will appear for Q&A’s after the 7:00pm show and to introduce the 9:15pm show. She’ll also be on hand after the Thu. 11/3 7:00pm show, alongside Kickstarter’s own Elisabeth Holm (aka Yours Truly). CLICK HERE for NYC showtimes and tix!

    At the Laemmle’s Monica 4-Plex in Los Angeles, Fox will appear for Q&A’s on Sun. 10/30 and Mon. 10/31, after the 5:20pm and 7:40pm screenings. CLICK HERE for LA showtimes and tix!

    MY REINCARNATION is an epic father-son drama, spanning two decades and three generations, about spirituality, cultural survival, identity, inheritance, family, growing old, growing up, faith, meditation, religion, magic, dreaming, Buddhism, Dzogchen — and past and future lives. The film follows the renowned reincarnate Tibetan spiritual master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, as he struggles to save his spiritual tradition, and his Italian born son, Yeshi, who stubbornly refuses to follow in his father’s footsteps…

    CLICK HERE for worldwide screenings & the official film site.

  3. The latest trailer from filmmaker Jennifer Fox for her feature documentary (and wild $150k-raising KSR success), My Reincarnation. The film hits NYC theaters on October 28 @ Cinema Village and in Los Angeles @ Laemmle Monica, with a national roll-out to follow. 

    My Reincarnation chronicles the epic story of the high Tibetan Buddhist Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and his western-born son, Yeshi. It follows Namkhai Norbu’s rise to greatness as a Buddhist teacher in the West, while his son, Yeshi, recognized at birth as the reincarnation of a famous spiritual master, breaks away from his father’s tradition to embrace the modern world. Can the father convince his son to keep the family’s threatened spiritual legacy alive? Never before has a high Tibetan Master allowed such complete access to his private life and it is doubtful that another ever will…a universal story about love, transformation, and destiny.”