1. I panicked. And then I ran circles around my kitchen counter for several days straight. I had my housemate pinch me a lot, but that didn’t exactly help. I also lost all social propriety, blabbing to people on the street that I had an Eisner nomination, and being flabbergasted when they knew what that was. I suppose I don’t have the emotional tools to deal with this kind of news, and am hoping to wake up any moment, because this is just that crazy. I haven’t drawn a single panel since, ‘cause I can’t figure out what to do next with my life. Anyhow, I should get back to ogling my Google Analytics feed because I’m mesmerized by how many people are reading the novel right now.

    —Dax Tran-Caffee reacting to receiving an Eisner nomination for Failing SkyWe talked to a few nominees here

  2. Saying Hi to Kickstarter Creators at MoCCA Arts Fest

    Beneath the watchful eye of a giant floating Charlie Brown, we visited the MoCCA Arts Festival this past weekend and caught up with some fantastic project creators. There were great Kickstarter-funded comics to be found all over the festival — above are just a handful of the creators we saw (and managed to take photos of). Pictured:

    Great seeing everyone — now go back some projects and read some comics!