1. In 1984, I finally got on the ‘New York Times’ bestseller list, after I’d been writing for 30 years. It was never one of my goals because I didn’t care for any of the books on that list. The ones that made that list, I wouldn’t read. The review was written by that guy from Maine, who is at all the Red Sox games. What’s his name? Stephen King. He’s terrific. He wrote something like, “After I read this book, I had to go back and read the last seven or eight books.” That’s when I knew I was doing fine.

    Elmore Leonard on becoming a writer

  2. photojojo:

    Dean Putney inherited a vast archive of over 1000 prints his great-grandfather captured in WWI. On top of that, what makes the find truly special is that many of the original negatives are in pristine condition.

    Dean is crowd-funding a project to print a high-quality photo book using the preserved negatives.

    Kickstarter Shows WWI Through a German Officer’s Photos

    Thanks Willa Koerner!

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