1. Homestuck thanks 24,346 backers


    This is from my inbox today. I think it’s useful in a lot of ways for people who are looking to launch a Kickstarter project and for people who occasionally complain about the level of funding people ask for because it lends some perspective to just the basic costs of fulfilling the rewards.

    Particularly that last sentence:

    Howdy, wonderful backers! I know a lot of you are wondering about the status of your backer rewards, so we’re writing to give you all an update about how things are progressing on our end.


    Several thousand backer rewards have already been shipped out, and we’re on course to get a couple thousand more shipped out this week. We tripled our regular work staff and more than doubled the size of our shipping facilities a couple months ago, and most of us are working 50-80 hour weeks (whew!). But what it comes down to is we ended the Kickstarter with way more backers (and thus, way more rewards to ship out) than we had expected when we started this thing. So even though we’re working our rumps off to try and get stuff out before Christmas, it’s looking like we’re going to be shipping stuff through the end of the month. The backer blog is also being set up and you’ll be contacted with the details on how to view it shortly.


    We know you’re all really looking forward to receiving your goodies, and we don’t want you to worry— you’ll get them very soon! Thanks so much for your patience and understanding, and we wish all of you, your family and friends a very happy holidays!


    UPS has to rent extra trucks just to take our Kickstarter shipments.
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