1. newyorker:

    Rachel Sussman has photographed some of Earth’s oldest living organisms, describing her project as “a battle to stay in deep time.” Of the thirty ancient living things that she’s photographed, two have since died.

    Top: Jomon Sugi, a Japanese cedar that is 2,180-7,000 years old (Photograph courtesy Rachel Sussman)

    Bottom: Pando, a clonal colony of Quaking Aspen that is 80,000 years old (Photograph courtesy Rachel Sussman)

    An old school Kickstarter project in the New Yorker. Dig! 

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  2. I knew the web surfing contest was going to be hard as soon as Dragan Espenschied, a digital conservator and artist, explained the premise. Race across the internet from point A to B using only a one-button mouse: no keyboard, no search, no URL bar, no back button. It sounded almost impossible, even for someone who spends all day online, and that was before I found out my competitors had been training.

    The Verge on Trailblazers, Rhizome’s recent web surfing competition

  3. I still can’t believe that I was sitting in my kitchen three years ago making a Kickstarter video and now the Olloclip iPhone lens is in every Apple Store worldwide. I have met so many of our Kickstarters at different events and it always brings a smile to my face, it is like meeting an old friend.

    —Patrick O’Neill reflecting on his Olloclip project

  4. panacirema:

    personalized thank you video from the ride-along kickstarter project. incredibly cute. delightfully awkward. I LOVE YOU JOSE

    This is adorable! 

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