1. Small wonders.

    Four new projects with clever ideas and modest goals caught our attention over the weekend. Standing out as great examples of Kickstarter ideas on a tight budget, these creators are all seeking less than $1,250. 

    Created by 24-year-old artist and writer Sam Maiden, Reboot is the first issue of a new comic-book collaboration. Maiden describes his true love as writing and producing comics, and his Kickstarter project is his first attempt to realize his dream in print.

    Dalek v Enterprise is a highly ambitious lark: A race to the stratosphere between the spacecrafts of Doctor Who and Star Trek. Creator Karlos Fandango’s previous Kickstarter project successfully sent a TARDIS to space and back — despite an unexpected detour up a tree — and he says that this new sci-fi adventure will be his last in the series. 

    Sling piping-hot dim sum as fast as you can — it’s Dim Sum Robot #1: Mecha Food Cart Action! This delicious little game puts you in charge of a robot food cart as you prowl the city, fly across buildings, and launch dumplings to happy patrons from across the street.

    Repeat creator Ray Sumser is an artist obsessed with cartoons. His ongoing project to catalog the “cartoon universe” has been entirely inspired and funded by his Kickstarter backers.

    It’s always exciting to see so many creators realizing little dreams in a big way. Discover more small projects on Kickstarter right here.

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