1. Ingmar Bergman called A Portrait of Jason “The most extraordinary film I’ve seen in my life.” Shirley Clarke’s film, shot in 1966 in the Chelsea Hotel, and restored this past year, is legendary in film circles as one of the first, and most important, LGBTQ films. It’s an incredible piece of cinema, and we couldn’t be more excited to screen it this Saturday at the Kickstarter Film Fest! RSVP here.

  2. Ask and tell.

    Tatjana Plitt’s new photography project documents same-sex couples in the US military.

    After the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” US servicemembers can finally be honest about themselves and their relationships while at work. Plitt’s portraits share moments from the private lives of soldiers and their partners who are newly empowered to go public with their love.

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  3. Last spring, photographer Gregory Reynolds launched a Kickstarter project to transform his personal archive into a book, titled Jesus Days. The images are striking: A collection of candid moments and portraiture that ultimately speaks to an underlying self-discovery — Reynolds slowly coming to terms with the fact that he is gay.

    That original project did not reach its funding goal, but Reynolds never considered that a failure. Instead, after some reflection and reconsideration, he relaunched with a slightly modified goal: making a zine. Simpler and more cost-effective, yet still the full realization of his dream.