1. When powers combine.

    Two Kickstarter projects, one mission — the definition of synergy. Anyone else seen amazing Kickstarter collaborations like this? 


    I recently reprogrammed the MaKeyMaKey to control Roy the Robot’s hand, which just meant turning 6 of the input pins on MaKeyMaKey into 6 output pins, and using the Arduino Servo library to control them (my fork of the firmware is here).

    I also heard about a MaKeyMaKey contest on UncommonGoods & put together this video to demo the hand.

    Unfortunately, the servos weren’t strong enough to play the piano :(

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  2. Update #6: Mindsplosion of MaKey MaKey Invention Videos in the Wild. MaKey MaKey, the self-dubbed “invention kit for the 21st century,” is in the hands of beta-testers, who all seem to be using the device to turn every imaginable thing into an instrument — including their own kids! You can watch that video above, but be sure to check out their most recent project update for a slew of other totally awesome uses: like turning vegetables into instruments while cooking them.