1. Oh, the monster he has made! A little over a year ago, Derek Tonks launched a Kickstarter project to build a full-size, fully wearable monster suit. It’s creation would require 12” custom stilts, mechanical hands with extended fingers, full body casting, and a facial mask fitted with animatronics that could be operated from remote. That’s a tall order, but this week, he announced its completion. We’re not sure if these goosebumps we’re suddenly got are from excitement or terror — maybe a little bit of both? Either way, this is pretty darn cool.

  2. Monsters vs. Trebuchets

    It’s Friday, which means my urge to fight monsters and wage unholy war against minions of evil is slightly stronger than normal. Fortunately, two timely Kickstarter projects have launched allowing such epic battles to escape from the console to the desktop. They’re both using laser-cutting technology, keeping things as hands-on, DIY, and fun as possible. Who shall come out on top? Let’s see, shall we.

    The name of the game: Monster vs. Trebuchets.

    The Monster: This prehistoric Pteranodon, made from laser-cut recycled vinyl records.

    Monster stats: +10 Ingenuity, +5 Recyledness, +15 Dinosaur

    The Weapon: A trebuchet, conveniently desktop-sized, and made from laser-cut baltic birch plywood.

    Weapons stats: +15 Medievalness, +5 Flingability, +10 Wooden Machinations

    Sample game play:

    Pteranodon attacks with Dinosaur Rage.

    Critical Hit! -30 hit points

    Trebuchet attacks with Superball of Medieval History.

    Pteranodon blocks with Obscure Vinyl Knowledge!

    No damage taken.

    Pteranodon attacks with Wings of Extinction.

    Trebuchet blocks using Literary Deconstruction to disassemble itself.

    No Damage Taken.

    Trebuchet launches Fiery Ball of Enlightenment.

    Critical Hit! -30 hit points

    It’s too close to call! Both walk away from the field to heal — for now.

    Now, if someone would launch a project for laser-cut potions, things could get even more interesting.

    Get your Monster here and your Trebuchet here.