1. Writing is a solitary pursuit. Writers spend an indecent amount of time on their own, agonizing over the perfect word to turn a story while memoirists wrestle with not only words but the twists of memory; the good, the bad, and the lonely. I say this to tell you that you’ve not only given me money, you’ve given me company. You’ve elected me to be your personal storyteller of a time you are all intrigued by, a time you may very well have participated in. So you can bet I’m imagining you all here with me while I take this journey back to honor the place, and the time, in all it’s raging glory.

    Solitude is overrated. Thank you. I’m honored.

    —Adele Bertei is making us misty-eyed this morning in the first project update for her memoir, No New York: Adventures in the Town of Empty.