1. A recipe for Of Montreal.

    Start with at least a dozen bandmates. Add liberal sprinklings of psychedelic rock, vaudeville, afrobeat, techno, and folk music. Whisk in a trunkload of glitter, a pinch of nudity, the occasional horse, and more than a dozen records, then bake at 5000 degrees for 16 years.

    What pops out of the oven is one of the world’s strangest and most inventive pop bands — and a testament to the potential of independent music. Through a rare combination of constant sonic reinvention and outrageous showmanship, Of Montreal have built a massive following while never putting out a single conventional hit.

    Of Montreal’s new Kickstarter project, Song Dynasties, is the band’s first feature-length documentary. Spiced with years of all-access footage — including never-before-seen tapes from deep in the attic — the film will provide an inimitable portrait of a band in its prime. Fans take note: Backers have first dibs on a smorgasbord of rare swag, including paper lanterns, test pressings, and vinyl galore. Dig in.