1. Project of the Day — Charlie Phillips has been photographing African-Caribbean funeral practices in London for fifty years. How Great Thou Art is a photo book that celebrates the evolving traditions, people, and cultures surrounding those practices. The title is taken from a popular hymn sung at funerals, which praises the life of an individual. It’s a declaration of love and celebration for the traditions and cultures of the African diaspora in London.

  2. lomographicsociety:

    Extend the borders of instant photography with Lomography’s first dedicated instant camera, the Lomo’Instant!

    The camera has an advanced lens system, 3 shooting modes and a fountain of fun features such as unlimited multiple exposures, color flash gels, infinite long exposures and easy focusing. 

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  3. In celebration of National Poetry Month, the Poetics app, which allows you to create word and picture poems, is calling for postcard submissions. Download the app, make your art, and then send it to the below address. It’ll be displayed on a rack in Kickstarter’s new gallery (did you know that we have a gallery?), waiting for someone to pick up and begin a correspondence. More info here.

    58 Kent
    Brooklyn, NY 11222