1. The beauty of Kickstarter is that it’s not only a pre-order channel - it’s a creative process for both project creator and backers. Talk to your backers. Understand what they are looking to get. Take them on a journey.

    —Linda Liukas, creator of Hello Ruby, on how to think about and organize your Kickstarter project. The full text is over at her blog, and it’s well worth a read! 

  2. apexministry:

    "The product of a Kickstarter campaign, "Clear and Present Thinking" is a college-level textbook in logic and critical reasoning, compiled by Brendan Myers and made available to the world for free. In an effort to reduce the cost of education for students, this textbook was funded by over 700 people and is available in a variety of digital formats and as a softcover edition at the lowest reasonable price.”


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