1. A kind of literary voyeurism, in which visitors get to contemplate the reading habits of their neighbors. Who left the Brazilian travel guides, and who’s reading Camus? Who added Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, my favorite novel of the last five years? And where will my copy of The Odyssey end up when I leave it in the library for someone else? By peeking into the reading lives of fellow Little Free Library users, you get to know your block better.

    —Margaret Aldrich on the low-tech appeal of little free libraries

  2. The art that comes from the punk scene is typically confrontational and disturbing and shakes people free from habitual thought and falling back into unquestioning ideology. That’s not to forget the strong feminist message within the movement. We are in no doubt that there are deeply philosophical ideas that sit beneath punk, and it’s our view that this is why punk has had such massive influence.

    —From our interview with the creators of the book The Truth of Revolution, Brother, which talks about the philosophy of the punk movement. Read the rest here.

  3. The beauty of Kickstarter is that it’s not only a pre-order channel - it’s a creative process for both project creator and backers. Talk to your backers. Understand what they are looking to get. Take them on a journey.

    —Linda Liukas, creator of Hello Ruby, on how to think about and organize your Kickstarter project. The full text is over at her blog, and it’s well worth a read!