1. New Curated Page alert! PRX is a nonprofit public media company dedicated to bringing our world’s stories to millions of people. They work to develop shows like The Moth Radio hour and build mobile apps for popular programs like This American Life — basically, they’re public radio’s largest distribution marketplace. That’s pretty neat! In conjunction with that mission, their Curated Page will highlight all kinds of public radio-related projects, like Blank on Blank’s work to curate and archive hundreds of hours of unused audio from interviews by prominent American journalists, and the recently funded Spanish language podcast Radio Ambulante.

  2. In 2010, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta commissioned Shane Lavalette to contribute to a new body of photographs for their “Picturing the South” series — a mission Shane decided to pursue through the lens of traditional Southern music. “I was not interested in making a documentary about Southern music today, but desired to explore the relationship between traditional music and the contemporary landscape through a more poetic lens,” he explains. “Moved by the themes and stories past down in songs, I let the music itself carry the pictures.” The thoughtfulness shows. CNN recently ran a selection of the photographs, and his project makes a great addition to the recently launched Curated Page for Light Box.

    Explore Shane’s project here, and make sure to browse the rest of the awesome photography projects highlighted by Light Box’s Curated Page.

  3. New Curated Page alert! Food52 proclaims itself as the place where all kitchens meet: a community of talented, well-informed people who love to talk about food. Together, they create cookbooks, discuss food news, answer food-related questions (they have a hotline!), share mouth-watering recipes, and work to support local producers. They’re page is sure to be a tasty one — and already boasts yums from the likes of Portland, Maine’s Union Bagel Co. and the newly launched Food Book Fair. Make sure to get your daily dose by perusing their page here.

  4. New Curated Page alert! Meet Aperture, an organization committed to seeking, supporting, and sharing the work of visionary, new photographers. Their ethos, to cultivate a community around a shared belief in the power of images to reflect change and inspire dialogue, is reflected in project picks like the Martin Parr documentary Hot Spot, which follows the legendary photographer as he cavorts through the American South, a documentary on our cultural transition to digital as emphasized by the rise and fall of Kodachrome film, and the fascinating Afghan Box project, which explores a large-scale form of photography on the brink of disappearing in Afghanistan. Very neat stuff! All that and more over on their page, check it out here.

  5. New Curated Page alert! Meet Printed Matter, a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of publications by artists. Started in 1976 as an alternative arts space, the organization has spent the last several decades encouraging public engagement with the printed works of numerous burgeoning and influential artists — Laurie Anderson and Kathy Acker among them. We’re pretty pleased to have their curatorial eye roving Kickstarter. Check out their page to see their project picks like the Occupied Oakland Tribune and a Seattle-based festival for independent literature.