1. [Kickstarter] made me unafraid of being open… The Kickstarter thing and the documentary that we’re doing with the Kickstarter has just taught me that there’s nothing to be afraid of. You release your stuff out. You show a piece of concept art that may or may not be in the game. It doesn’t matter. People are just like, “Oh, that’s cool!”

    People get on your side more, not get on your side less. The fear is that if it’s not perfect, you can’t show it to people because they’ll freak out. The fact is, they just feel more bought in. They feel like they’re part of the development team.

    — Tim Schafer on VentureBeat.

  2. Crowd-sourced urbanism.

    Developed by dozens of volunteer architects, scientists, and designers on three continents, Taiwan Strait Atlas is a comprehensive manual for a sustainable future.

    Based on years of research by CHORA, an architecture practice based in London, Berlin, and China, the book will propose a master plan for a low-carbon “smart region” in the Taiwan Strait.

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