1. Occupy the farm.

    On April 22, 2012, more than 200 urban farmers and community activists marched onto 10 acres of fallow farmland owned by the University of California and began to plant.

    Throughout the growing season, these activists tended to their crops while engaging in an increasingly contentious dispute with the school over the fate of the land. A veteran filmmaker, Todd Darling, was there to document the entire process, and Occupy the Farm is the result.

    With just three days left to fund the production, the documentary is $3,500 short of its goal — but the gap is closing.

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  2. Go play in the dirt.

    Laughing Mother Farms is a labor of love for two young farmers in Northern California.

    A combination of community-supported agriculture  local composting operation, and outdoor education program, Laughing Mother operates almost entirely on human power, food waste, and a small handful of donations. Give a little green and get some in return — this endeavor is our Project of the Day.

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