1. In 1984, I finally got on the ‘New York Times’ bestseller list, after I’d been writing for 30 years. It was never one of my goals because I didn’t care for any of the books on that list. The ones that made that list, I wouldn’t read. The review was written by that guy from Maine, who is at all the Red Sox games. What’s his name? Stephen King. He’s terrific. He wrote something like, “After I read this book, I had to go back and read the last seven or eight books.” That’s when I knew I was doing fine.

    Elmore Leonard on becoming a writer

  2. photojojo:

    Dean Putney inherited a vast archive of over 1000 prints his great-grandfather captured in WWI. On top of that, what makes the find truly special is that many of the original negatives are in pristine condition.

    Dean is crowd-funding a project to print a high-quality photo book using the preserved negatives.

    Kickstarter Shows WWI Through a German Officer’s Photos

    Thanks Willa Koerner!

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  3. William Sloane Coffin on MLK

    In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, project creator David Coffin just posted this short clip of his father, clergyman and social justice activist William Sloane Coffin, offering a few words on Dr. King.

    The younger Coffin is working to establish an archive of Rev. Coffin’s sermons from his long tenure at the helm of New York’s Riverside Church.