1. Last Call, y’all! We’ve got big ole girl crush on Shira Loa, a veteran metalsmither who’s prepping for her October gallery show at Dialect in Los Angeles. There’s ONE DAY LEFT on her dope exhibition project, Tangible Growth in Metal Sculpture.

    From the smithstress:

    Sometimes I call my sculptures “cocoons”, “flowers”, “mushrooms” and “branches,” though really, they are all and none of these things. My pieces do not replicate, but reference organic forms, allowing me to abstract shapes I appreciate in the natural world in order to communicate the joy that they inspire in me; the feelings they evoke put into form. It’s my own kind of botany, with its references known and unknown.

    For the Dialect show, I am trapping these metallic organisms, creating diorama worlds for them to live within, to offer viewers a fixed window through which to view the pieces. Shadowboxes, frames and pedestals that I fabricate out of steel, found objects and embedded LED lights will give my lissome sculptural creatures the home and purpose they need. Every part of the dioramas will be designed as part of the artwork.