1. I had no idea that this far into my comic’s lifespan, I would have an opportunity to reach a new height of exposure like this, but it still ultimately comes down to the fact that I’ve been doing this for so long. I don’t update as consistently as some webcomics, my art isn’t as polished, but I’ve still churned out over a thousand pages in a single story.

    Apart from that, I would say that the best thing is to have a way of marketing yourself away from the Kickstarter site… Because Kickstarter is only a tool that helps you collect money, it’s not an end unto itself. You need to identify who the potential backer for your project is before you start, and if you can’t do that, it’s probably not going to succeed.

    There’s some great advice hidden in this Q&A with Order of the Stick creator Rich Burlew and Comics Alliance. Read it here. Other favorite lines include:

    …my email inbox is a swirling eldritch nightmare that threatens to burst the fragile digital bonds that restrain it from devouring me in my sleep. Other than that, though, it’s all going very well.

    Check out the project here.

  2. But what makes it really fascinating is that it’s the democracy of the Internet in action. In an industry like comics, where the mainstream print publishers are losing readers, here’s a webcomic that’s directed at about as much of a niche audience as humanly possible — a parody of D&D done with stick figures — that’s not only found an audience, but has mobilized them into a fundraising effort that’s raised $264,000 in eight days, just to get collections of it back in print. And if those readers are big enough fans that they’re willing to do that much for the strip, odds are pretty good that they’ve got the books already, and are doing it so that the strip will be there for newer fans to enjoy.

    Chris Sims at Comics Alliance marvels at the power of fans

    As of this moment, Order of the Stick has raised over $331k and is on track to become one of Kickstarter’s 10 Most Funded projects of all time. 

    Mind. Blown.  

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    Ours, too.

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