1. "The pictures that meant almost nothing to people when I took them, had connected in a deep way, and without kickstarter, or the internet, it simply wouldn’t have been possible. While I didn’t need a publisher to make my book, the process of kickstarting it connected me with not only an incredible designer, but also one of the world’s best printer/publishers. While the project took longer than I had hoped, the backers got a book that is 50 times more beautiful than I could have made on my own and for me it is a powerful kickstarter success story.” Michael Galinsky on publishing Malls Across America

  2. It’s a process.

    Memoto is a life-logging camera designed to travel with you everywhere. The small, Sweden-based team behind the project raised more than 1000% of their Kickstarter goal, creating both a life-changing experience and an enormous challenge.

    The crew just shared an inspring update, filled with great advice for project creators of all stripes. We particularly appreciated this bit of wisdom for product designers:

    3. It’s a process, not a product. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the insight still grew on us as our project evolved. Your initial Kickstarter page and video is basically just a statement on where you’re at by the time the campaign starts. With the help of your backers, this will change and improve over time and you will have iterated your project plan over and over until you come out on the other end with a different product than you first launched. To talk in tech project terms: Kickstarter may require a waterfall spec to launch your project, but it is actually a scrum platform.

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