1. Butterflies over New York.

    The Butterflies of Memory aims to become one of the largest public art projects in New York City. 

    A site-specific installation on little known Roosevelt Island in the East River, the artist’s giant butterfly sculptures are rigged to skinny metal poles, extending from the roof of the ruined smallpox hospital on the tip of the island.

    Serving as physical manifestations of inspiration, these golden-winged creatures will be visible to millions of New Yorkers every day.

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  2. TRASH is a simple experiment: Replace thousands of black trash bags with artist-designed, biodegradable bags and set them loose in a metropolis.

    An urban beautification project with a subtle environmental impact, TRASH is designed to encourage participation — whether its intentional, accidental or just a daily chore.

    The first iteration of the project took place in 2008. Now the collaborative creators are turning to Kickstarter to generate support for a massive new installation in 2013.