1. Holding it in your hand, it’s amazing to think that it was designed and assembled by an independent hardware startup funded by Kickstarter…

    Pebble’s charming simplicity and fundamental competence inspires confidence. It’s so good at what it does now that it’s easy to imagine all other things it might do in the future.

    The Verge's Nilay Patel reviews the Pebble watch, awarding it an 8.2!

  2. Deep in the Delta.

    Delta Boys explores the untold stories of the Niger Delta militancy — an ongoing armed struggle over this oil-rich region of Nigeria.

    The film just received a very positive review in the New York Times and is now available to stream through Netflix, Hulu, and SnagFilms. Congrats to director Andrew Berends on his remarkable doc!

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  3. In 12 years of cultural criticism, I’ve never before used the term ‘tour de force.’ Last night at Town Hall, Ahamefule J. Oluo debuted his narrative-musical recital Now I’m Fine. It was a tour de force.

    Jonathan Zwickel, City Arts.

    Congratulations to Oluo and his 108 backers — by all accounts, the premiere of his Kickstarter-funded theater piece was a resounding success!

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