1. Can’t wait to see some Twine projects in action. Has anybody programmed anything yet? If so, send us your work! We want to see it. 


    Just got my Twine in the mail. Twine is a really fun piece of technology that allows you to trigger web actions based on real world changes. Think IFTTT but for the physical world. Twines have a built in thermometer and a 6-axis sensor, you can also purchase additional sensors to plug into it such as a magnetic sensor. Imagine being able to set up a Twine to trigger a text message when the dryer was done with your clothes. The possibilites are pretty cool.

     It was super simple to setup with little steps along the way that allowed you to see how the device works. I loved flipping the device over to start the update process. More electronics in the world need physical touches like that to make them more human-like. Can’t wait to make my first Twine enabled project, I’ll update the blog when I do.

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