1. Dirty magazines.

    SOILED is an architectural magazine that likes to get dirty.

    Each issue breaks open issues of public space and urban design to share messy stories about the world we’ve built for ourselves. The team is currently funding its next issue, Windowscrapers — an exploration of surveillance, voyeurism, and privacy from an architect’s point of view.

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  2. Dhaka’s first bus map.

    Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and home to millions, but the megacity doesn’t have a bus map. This project enlists local volunteers to help chart the city’s complex transit system and makes the map freely available to the public. This civic-minded urban intervention is our Project of the Day.

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  3. Dreamland.

    Never Built: Los Angeles explores the landscape of unrealized projects designed for LA.

    A mixture of architecture, urban design, and infrastructure fantasies that never left the drawing board, this exhibition will include work from Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner, Rudolph Schindler, Frank Gehry, and many others.

    LA’s Architecture and Design Museum created a Kickstarter project to help fund the exhibition, which is finally within reach after two years of research.

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  4. Designing Seaside from scratch.

    Seaside, Florida is, by all accounts, a lovely place to live.

    The first master-planned community in the United States to reflect the tenets of New Urbanism, Seaside is at once a quiet beach town and a laboratory for creative directions in architecture, urban planning, and community development. Visions of Seaside will serve as the definitive guide to the Seaside project, including drawings and commentary from major collaborators on the town’s design and outlines for the future. 

    Visions of Seaside explores the potential of an entirely new town as our Project of the Day.

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  5. Slow down, don’t stop.

    The designers of slowLab want you to take a moment.

    A nonprofit hub for research in the emerging field of “slow design,” slowLab champions new work across art, architecture, technology, and the humanities that challenges the ever-increasing pace of the digital age. The organization’s new Kickstarter project will fund an online platform to exhibit and share slow design ideas and projects, promoting work that investigates more sustainable forms of living and engaging with the world.

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  6. Crowd-sourced urbanism.

    Developed by dozens of volunteer architects, scientists, and designers on three continents, Taiwan Strait Atlas is a comprehensive manual for a sustainable future.

    Based on years of research by CHORA, an architecture practice based in London, Berlin, and China, the book will propose a master plan for a low-carbon “smart region” in the Taiwan Strait.

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