1. When you post a video on Kickstarter, you’re not trying to make a point, you’re trying to establish a relationship with the backer that will communicate to them that they can trust you enough to accept that you are telling the truth when you say that they will want your product and that you will deliver it. You can do this by entertaining them, and by informing them, and by letting them have a glimpse into you.

    —Ron Garner of Silence in the Library Publishing, on the importance of making a video for your publishing project. Click through for a lot more advice.

  2. Legendary animator Bill Plympton has done everything — from the Oscar nominated film Your Face, to the video for Kanye West’s “Heard Em Say.” Bill’s latest project is Cheatin’, his seventh feature-length animated film, and we couldn’t be more excited about screening Cheatin’ at the Kickstarter Film Fest!

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