1. polygondotcom:

    Camouflaj’s Republique hits iTunes App Store on Dec. 19

    The debut title from developer Camouflaj, Kickstarter-backed stealth adventure Republique, will be released through the iTunes App Store on Dec. 19, the developer announced today. The release will consist of the first pilot episode of the game, titled “Exordium,” priced at $4.99.

    The first episode is one of five planned for Republique. Camouflaj says it expects to ship subsequent episodes every two to three months, with the full game featuring about 10 to 15 hours of gameplay. The game’s second episode is the farthest along, Camouflaj said, but founder Ryan Payton told Polygon that all of the Republique's forthcoming chapters are in various stages of completion.

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  2. it8bit:

    Every Day Is Play: A Celebration of the Video Game

    Seven Kickstarter days remain for the funding of this magnificent book created by Game Paused featuring so many of the imaginative, inspiring artists we love here on it8bit. 

    Every Day Is Play will showcase the works of designers, musicians, artists, writers and developers that have taken inspiration from the art that we grew up with. Through a series of features and interviews, covering everything from fan art to game modifications, we aim to provide not only a beautiful book but a wealth of creative play.

    Watch the Kickstarter and consider backing this wonderful collection of video game art. There are several very cool reward tiers to choose from!

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