1. Michael Barnes makes zines. We asked him a couple questions about his most recent finished Kickstarter project, a postcard zine called Sorry, for which Barnes asked contributors to apologize to someone in their lives. The short answers were then printed on postcards.

    How did you choose postcards as the medium? And why mail?

    I really wanted the reader to engage with these short glimpses into someone’s life, I didn’t think a traditional zine format would work for such short pieces so I decided on using mail. I hoped the mail format would help take them into the writers world, imagining what it was like to be receiving that postcard. 

    What are the images on the postcards, and where do they come from?

    The images are from a book of American postcards, nothing out of the ordinary. I wanted the images to be quite simple. I would have loved to have printed in colour but just did not have the funds.

    How did you produce the zine itself?

    The zine was produced using the old school cut & paste method, scanned, then printed by a workers co-op. Then, vintage US road maps and tracing paper were used to finish.